A photographic journey to the dreams: imaginary memories


Everybody misses something; a time, a moment in their life. What we call ‘life’ is happening at the moment, but it also consists of pieces of the past. From now on, every breath you take becomes past. And after a while, the past becomes just a memory. It becomes only exists in our minds. And it becomes more and more blurry as time passes. I wanted to look at that relationship between memory, past, and present. The landscape is my canvas as it is mostly been.

imaginary memories is an ongoing project about journeys in search of lost things like the self, the soul, reality and memories.

I had been inspired by many artists during the creation of this project such as Trent Parke, Richard Misrach, Eliot Porter etc. However, the main concept came from the idea of memory and existence, and also how we perceive them.

I shot with both film and digital cameras. I enjoyed using both colour and black & white film. Furthermore, this project ended up as a photobook which is the first one I self-published. I also created a short video and included a QR code at the back of the book.

Here is the short video I created for imaginary memories;

Visit my website to see all the photos included in imaginary memories and also more of my work: